About Us

About Diebolt & Company

Diebolt & Company has been an innovator in specialty hose products since its inception in 1991. The company was founded by Mark Diebolt, who had a vision to solve unique customer application requirements and build a long term customer base. Diebolt & Company’s most valuable asset is our experienced and creative thinking employees. Whether to meet a new application or complete a difficult rush production schedule, Diebolt rises to meet challenges our customer’s face.

From humble beginnings, Diebolt & Company has steadily grown over the years, acquiring an international reputation in specific markets for our innovative hose and hose assembly capabilities. Our customer base is diverse as are the markets we serve. We offer “Made in the USA” products which are sold to small growing customers, large multi-nationals with multiple locations, the US Department of Defense, and more.

Using our vast knowledge and experience in materials, manufacturing techniques and our ability to “think outside the box”, we stand committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements from our patented KleenFlo oil transfer hose assemblies to our other proprietary products. We highly value each and every inquiry, from the most simple of questions to a highly complex engineered requirement.