Inflatable Duct Tube Inflata-Void Hose


The Problem

How to create an economical tubular void former to pass post-tension strands and other items through a concrete form while preventing damage to the duct and ingress of concrete grout into the end of the void.

The Diebolt Solution


Inflata-Void – a unique air mandrel hose assembly that becomes a rigid tubular void form when inflated with compressed air. Inflata-Void air mandrel systems use a rubber compound virtually impervious to the chemicals in concrete. This durability is coupled with a proprietary reinforcement to provide controlled and uniform inflation along the entire length of the air mandrel assembly. Custom engineered thermoplastic hose ends, one with an auto tire style inflation valve, complete the assembly. The thermoplastic hose ends can be field attachable and are reusable to further augment the value of our product. Inflata-Void air mandrel hose assemblies are often reused hundreds of times.

Inflata-Void Air Mandrel Examples


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