Custom Hoses

Custom Hose Solutions

Diebolt & Company is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of specialty hose products . We produce a variety of items including PTFE Teflon hoses, heated hoses, freeze protection hoses, inflatable void former hose assemblies and sanitary NSF steam hose product solutions, as well as a selection of metal hoses and assemblies. Since 1991, our company has built our reputation on being a reliable, reputable company with extensive capabilities. We welcome OEM and other unique applications. Over the years we have developed exclusive custom hose solutions for a multitude of applications and customers.

Some of Our Custom Hose Products Include:

  • US Patented Hot cooking oil transfer hose to UL 1889 & NSF

  • US Patent Pending Electrically heated DEF dispensing hose assembly

  • 2mm ID Hose Assembly with custom machined Stainless Steel quick disconnect.

  • 3/16” ID Teflon Braided Hose and Fittings Assembly with custom fittings for OEM Automotive Turbo System.

  • 2” to 19.5” ID High Temperature cut to length Rubber Sleeves.

  • Long length suction discharge freeze protection hoses for the US Army.

  • OEM high temperature electrically heated asphalt sealant hoses.

  • Heated sanitary hoses for laboratory and wash down environments.

  • Heated air sample hoses installed in the Pentagon, Washington D.C.

  • 10,000 Thermoplastic hose assemblies for mobile hydraulic wrenches.

True Innovators

We are true innovators by holding a United States Patent (6481466) on our KleenFlo Hot Fluid Transfer Hose and our Patent Pending Heated DEF hose assembly . We also offer proprietary technology on our ElectroFlo II Electrically Heated Hose, SteamFlo 330 Steam Hose and our InflataVoid Inflatable void former hose assembly.

Diebolt & Company is committed to deliver superior specialty hoses to their customers, complete, on time and ready to use to achieve total satisfaction.